Everybody Has a Song - DEMO

1. Another Song
2. Maggie's Mine
3. All Along
4. I Will Understand
5. Not Quite Enough
6. Just Down The Hall
7. I See
8. Just For You And Me
9. After All
10. The Only One I Need
11. Twenty-one
12. Subway Train
13. Everybody Has A Song


another song

here's another song i wrote for love
another song i wrote to last a lifetime
another song to let me say
the things i'm thinking every day
another song i hope will make you mine

and here's another song you've heard before
another song to make you turn around again
another song to make you cry
to make you think and wonder why
you ever thought our better days should end

and if you're thinking that there's more that i should say
well i'll try my best to show it anyway

here's another song i'll always hold on to
another song for you.

here's another song i had to sing
another song because i'm all alone tonight
another song to clear my head
before i fall asleep in bed
another song to help me make things right

and if you're thinking that there's more you wanna hear
can't you see the things i'm saying with my tears?


maggie's mine

have you ever loved someone who did not love you?
well of course you have 'cause i'll bet you're just like me
i've been battered, bruised, and stepped on just like all of you
i've heard every kind of "no" that there could be

so save those reasons to believe
'cause Maggie just gave plenty back to me

i met her as the school year was beginning
after class and near the baseball field
well her latest guy was pitching for the varsity
i figured "hey, another friendship sealed."

well she sees me almost every day
i never thought she'd look at me that way

now maggie's mine
my maggie's mine
i never dreamed i'd be sharing a kiss with a girl so fine
i've been in love with lots of girls you see
but none have felt like loving me, no no
my maggie's mine
yeah, finally this time
my maggie's mine

her boyfriend treated her like she was nothing
so i told her to go find someone new
she turned to me and smiled like an angel
and said: "you know i think i have a crush on you."

i pinched myself on every cheek
i never thought she'd wanna be with me


all along

i guess i saw the way
you looked at him today
just like you always do
but this time there was a feeling
so very new

i guess i could not stand
to have you holding hands
unless you're holding mine
could it be that after so long
i've crossed the line?

i know that we're just friends
but there's something i should say
it's the hardest thing to do
but i've got to tell you anyway

now i see the reason why i never let you go
that every day i spent with you has let my feeling grow
that all this time, i've been so wrong
the truth is i have loved you all along.

you've always held me close
when what i've needed most
was a shoulder from a friend
i never guessed there was a danger
those days could end
no matter what we choose
there's no way we can lose
what we had before
that doesn't mean we couldn't open
another door


i will understand

i wonder if you'll ever let me be
close enough to hold you in my arms
i can't see someone living life this way
without a chance to ever find a home

you think no one can feel the way you feel
you think no one can understand the pain
you think no one can lead you to a shelter
when tears flow like rivers in the rain

you can turn to me
when the world has shut its door
you may think you're all lone
but i've been through this before
when you feel that life is done
giving you a chance

i will understand
i wanted you to know
take hold of me
i'll never let you go
the world's not a place to be walking the streets alone
this may be all i am
but i will understand

i will understand.


not quite enough

don't tell me that we're low on conversation
that everything about me is a bore
'cause i'm the one who's doing all the work here
i'm the one who should be wanting more

don't tell me that you're feeling kinda tired
you have the energy to talk with friends
to come home late from being at a party
to turn around and go back out again

'cause i'm the guy who brought you roses
and i'll get down on my knees
i won't beat around the bushes
i'm a man who aims to please
i don't buy this indecision
so i'm gonna call your bluff
i'm everything you asked for
but i'm still not quite enough.

don't tell me that i never meet you anywhere
when i'm stuck at home because you took my car
lunchin' with some uptown boy executive
and dancin' with the honies in a downtown bar

don't tell me that i'm causin' all the distance
don't tell me that i'm causing this to end
don't tell me it was never meant to happen anyway
don't tell me that you just want to be friends


just down the hall

dawn is at the window
and the sun is painting red across the floor
another Sunday morning
another party going on the night before

i stayed up for her knocking
but the hours ran away from me so fast
meeting her just one time
i was flying through the night
with nothing in my glass

the winter wind is blowing
but the seasons aren't the first to turn around
dancin' to the music
without ever having heard a single sound

i never thought i'd see her
well at least not in the way that it seems
but even i can roll the thunder
oh, a star shot through the sky
in the middle of my dreams

oh, last night
she was dancin' in my head
all night
i was tossin' in my bed
oh, can't you see
i couldn't sleep at all
i can't forget
the girl
just down the hall.


i see

i see i could've smiled
held your hand
stayed a while
i see that i may never seem to care
i see the things i say can be unfair
you always said that something wasn't there

and lately
i see that something's wrong
this can't last
for too long
i see that someone else is on your mind
i see that any morning i could find
i had my chance and now i'm out of time

i see
a chance to make it up
i know you don't believe
believe in me
before you walk away
i just want you
i just want you
i just want you to see
oh, that now i see.

I see I'd better go
And I thought
You should know
I see that after treating you so bad
I missed out on the love I could've had
I missed out on the love I could've had


just for you and me

what a story that we have to tell
but no one has the time for what i say
and you can't even open up your mouth
tomorrow seems as lost as yesterday

oh i've seen calm before the rain
but the reason for your pain
was something that i never could have known

no one understands why you have gone
'cause no one knows a word of what went wrong
in our song
just for you and me.

now i'm living one day at a time
protecting every corner of my heart
the seasons past are playing with your mind
and we are more than many miles apart

oh, you take things as they come
and that may work for some
but it's hard for something slow to work for me

there was once a time when we were friends
and it seemed that more could happen every day
why did such a good thing have to end?
the chance to fall in love was swept away


after all

your pretty smile
was never meant for me
could it be a turning tide?
those pretty eyes
were never going to see
what i have on the inside

i don't know what i'll do
if this dream of mine comes true
after all

i heard that you've been thinking
i heard my name was on your mind
i heard that someday i could find
that you might come around
that you might come around
don't ever bring me down
and maybe it can happen after all.

a lonely guy
can fall in love so hard
and i think i'm falling fast
it makes me scared
and i can't let down my guard
and believe the storms have passed

i don't know what i'll do
if this dream does not come true
after all

'cause now the book is open
and i've given every word
i have cried
i've been hurt
it's past the time for hiding
it's past the time for doubting what i heard

we were still friends
when i began to write this song
i can't believe
oh, after trying for so long
there's nothing more i need to say

and maybe it can happen after all.


the only one i need

i have always been the kind
to fall in love on sight
giving out my heart to anyone
who tried to bite
wearing every feeling on my sleeve
i couldn't find relief
no, i couldn't find relief

you may think this whiskey means
that i am feeling down
and you may think that after all this talk
i'm gonna frown
what you think should never cost a cent
and that's just what i meant
yeah, that's just what i meant

'cause when it comes to me
romance is out of style
your love has never let me free
so don't believe me now
but wait a little while
and you'll see
the only one i need is me
the only one i need is me.

there are lots of hills ahead
that i have yet to climb
and girls can't be the only ones
to occupy my mind
i am almost twenty years of age
it's time to turn the page
yeah, it's time to turn the page



now i see the other hand
so much i don't understand
and time is moving faster than i can
nothing's making sense no more
i'm lost behind my bedroom door
and soon i'll have to land
and show that i'm a man
oh i don't know what to do
and i don't know what to say
but i'm feeling pretty young for twenty-one.

yesterday i lost my way
i have so many bills to pay
and money never comes from being me
people don't know who i am
and i don't even understand
i know that there is just so much of me
still waiting to be free

every night the light will die
and very soon the snow will fly
but oh, i just don't know where i will be
friends will go their separate ways
and maybe settle down someday
does anybody have a place for me?

there was once a time when i
believed that i could touch the sky
but dreaming never got me off the ground
maybe if i had a year
all the clouds will disappear
but time will not slow down
oh, the world keeps spinning 'round
and i don't know what to do
and i don't know what to say
but i'm feeling pretty young for twenty-one

no, i don't know what to do
and i don't know what to say
but i'm feeling pretty young for twenty-one.


subway train

have to run
9:06 and counting
and seconds never stop to wait and see
i almost missed you standing on the platform
waiting just like me

down the aisle
sittin' by the window
so many years since i had seen your face
i never thought i'd have to face these mem'ries
movin' at this pace

i could've asked a question
and i could've tried to smile
and i could've sat beside you just to talk a little while
but now i'm all alone
with the shadows holdin' on
and the chance has come and gone

oh, how i wish there was a way
to be sixteen with you again
or something, somewhere, sometime, somehow
i wish i had tomorrow
aboard the subway train.

sixteen stops
riding through a postcard
the city towers high above the track
it's getting' hard to keep on movin' forward
without looking back

remember when you went to school that summer
i wondered if we'd fin'lly reached the end
today you never even got to see me
and you prob'ly won't again


everybody has a song

i'm sure you know why i am knocking
the walls in here don't stay asleep for long
just found out the good news you were hearing
went to press too soon
the rumor had been wrong

but, just across the way
another heart is breaking
and fin'lly givin' up
on finding someone else
since sunday of last week
she has tried a different bed
but each and every time
she'd rather be with you instead

i guess you're right
the world cannot revolve around me
maybe just tonight
but you know i've always seen
everybody feels the pain
'cause everybody falls in love
and everybody has a song
everybody has a song
everybody has a song.

i know it feels like you've been cut to pieces
'cause you know i've been cut down too many times
i've seen all those apologetic faces
only seconds after
they commit the crime

but just under your nose
i'm afraid you have bee missing
what's obvious to me
and to everyone involved
tomorrow's sure to be
even harder than today
these feelings come so easy
but they never seem to go away